Function Venues & Beyond!

Ever find yourself asking 'Where should we hold our Christmas Party this year?', 'I feel like doing something a bit different, any new venues worth considering?', and most importantly,  'What kind of food do I feel like this year?'. If party season is on your mind, then this is a topic of discussion you should get involved in! Feel free to share your recommendations, information on new venues you have heard about and so forth. 

It's not all about Christmas though, if you know of some nice spots for a more casual group lunch or big venues for a cocktail event, we want to hear from you! 

Once we start to get a list of great venues going we will transfer the information from this discussion to it's own information page in the members area to make future reference a little easier. 

We would like to keep this discussion positive and informative so please keep that in mind - tell us where we should be going and why, not where we shouldn't!